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The Audi Hearing Clinic Fairfield, NSW, is in the heart of Fairfield City just off busy Nelson St. The clinic is a short drive and convenient walk from Neeta City Shopping Centre and the hustle and bustle of Smart Street. If you’re driving to our hearing clinic then parking in the Neeta City Shopping Centre car park may be convenient otherwise take advantage of the numerous public car parks located along Nelson St and Barbara Street. Otherwise public transport and particularly the numerous buses that service the Fairfield area can help you get within walking distance of the hearing clinic.

Hearing Products and Hearing Services

At Audi Hearing Clinic Fairfield our passionate hearing specialists are members of Audiology Australia and are focused on achieving better hearing health for all their patients. The Audiologists want to help people get better hearing and aim to do this through the variety of hearing services and personalised products the hearing clinic offers and tailors to each of its patients based on their needs and circumstances.

With Clinics across Sydney and plenty of experience the hearing services and hearing products and accessories offered include:

Do you experience ringing, buzzing, humming or hissing sensations in your ears when there's no external sound being made? This could mean your suffering from a condition known as Tinnitus which is particularly common and can be extremely irritating. However, the condition is manageable and all you need is a hearing check to get your hearing back on track. Audi Hearing Clinic Fairfield offers:

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Monday - Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: Closed

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