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Increased Number of undetected hearing loss is of growing concern

 There has been increasing cases of untreated hearing loss and sudden idiopathic hearing loss amongst infants and school aged children in the local government areas of Bankstown, Fairfield, Auburn and Cumberland.

At Audi hearing, we have taken initiative and would like to work closely with you to support you in the early detection of hearing loss, and provide impacted patients with the aid and rehabilitation they require to enjoy a healthier and better quality of life. I’m Tania Audi, audiologist and rehabilitation specialist at Audi Hearing. I have noted an increased number of cases of children and adults attending our hearing clinics at a very late stage in their hearing loss. As your local hearing specialist, it concerns me to see many hearing loss cases are going undetected which negatively impacts the sufferers quality of life and those dear to them.

Untreated hearing loss can have both physical and emotional ramifications. It has been linked to stress, depression, loneliness, reduced job performance, and reduced physical and mental health. 

Children with untreated hearing loss and middle ear effusion experience adverse effects on their speech development, learning and behaviour. Their attention skills are often left lacking, negatively impacting their development stage of life. For example I have seen first hand, fifteen year olds who should be able to read at a tenth grade level, reading at a third grade level due to their untreated hearing loss. I have also seen cases where children under the age of 3 have been undiagnosed and have subsequently developed a speech impairment.

Untreated hearing loss can have physical and emotional ramifications on adults. It has been linked to stress, depression, loneliness, reduced job performance, and reduced physical and mental health. Adults.  Almost every adult I see with hearing loss report that they do not take part in social activities. Those I’ve tested to have a profound hearing loss are more likely to be unemployed, and the few who are employed often generate less income than those people with normal hearing. I have also seen one too many cases where sudden hearing loss during adulthood is mistaken for an ear infection, and incorrectly treated, immediately becoming permanent causing tinnitus, which in turn devasts the patient with stress, depression and reduced job performance.

Together we can detect early stages of hearing loss and provide treatment.

Treating hearing loss in our local community

Research, technology and support for hearing loss sufferers have come a long way over the last couple of years, allowing us to overcome its adverse impacts on patients and help them regain their confidence and enjoyment of life. Countless everyday activities which include talking on the phone, social gatherings to watching television with other people becomes easier and more pleasurable.

As both a rehabilitation and hearing specialist for over 13 years, I am able to advise and guide your patients who have suffered from untreated hearing loss on a personalised path to a better quality of life. I am also accredited by the office of hearing services to provide hearing assessments and devices to eligible pensioners.

I would like to appeal to you to work hand in hand with me to reduce the impact of untreated hearing loss in our community. I will provide you with all the support tools you will need to detect hearing loss as early as possible in both children and adults.

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