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Custom Ear Plugs are a fantastic way to protect your ears and earn you the peace and quiet you deserve. They are snug, very comfortable and offer unparalleled protection for your ears in loud and noisy environments. We offer custom a number of products that cover applications for water, noise, motorsports, musicians, industry, manufacturing and even sleeping. Here is a list of the most common uses for our custom ear moulds:

Protect your ears today and earn the peace of mind you deserve.

Advantages of using Audi Hearing Custom Ear Moulds

We are a small team of highly experienced audiologists who know exactly what we are doing when it comes to safe ear plugs design and materials. We will recommend and design the right product for your specific hearing and of course the application. All our products are hygienic to use and will not cause ear inflammation or infection if used as directed.

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Tinnitus Management

Do you have ringing in your ears ? We offer free counselling, tinnitus management devices and maskers.*

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Pre-employment Hearing Test

Prompt hearing assessment reports for pre-employment medical screening for commercial drivers licence, aviation licence, police force and manufacturing / industrial jobs.

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Children's Hearing Tests

We specialise in children from 6 months old. Our tests include middle ear analysis, pre-speech therapy hearing assessments, speech reception assessments and 4 year old hearing health checks.

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Noise Reduction Earplugs

Custom made ear plug moulds for your hearing aids and general use. Swimmers, Musicians, Hunters and struggling sleepers let us take an ear impression and build you a snug plug.

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Hearing Aid Repair and Batteries

We are authorised for free hearing aid repairs and servicing. We stock and post all assistive device and hearing aid batteries.

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Worker's Compensation

We are Workcover accredited and licensed iCare providers covering all Worker's Compensation hearing tests and required devices.

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