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Hearing Aids


We work closely with leading hearing aid manufacturers to ensure your life experiences are enjoyed to their best. Signia hearing aids that are reliable, sleek and pack the latest technology in a tiny form factor are in stock now. Let’s discuss your options and help turn your life around!


Hearing Aids

View our full range of hearing aids that offer IN THE EAR models including: Completely in Canal CIC, In the Ear ITE, In the Canal ITC, Invisible in Canal IIC.

Behind the Ear

Hearing Aids

View our full range of hearing aids that offer BEHIND THE EAR models.



Signia’s accessories take your hearing experience to the next level. From enjoying TV in full Dolby Digital quality to capturing every word at a noisy conference. At Audi Hearing we can discuss your needs and equip you with the latest technology. Visit your local Audi Hearing Clinic today.

Ear Protection

Custom Moulds

Let’s take an impression of your ear and make you the perfect earplug for your needs. Whether it’s getting a good nights rest, or motorbike riding, we have the perfect ear protection solution for you. Visit your nearest Audi Hearing Clinic today for a consultation and ear impression.

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