Signia Cros Pure Charge&Go ITE Hearing Aid with Augmented Xperience & Bluetooth


Signia’s newest CROS hearing aids allows those with untreatable hearing loss in one ear to benefit from the revolutionary Signia Augmented Xperience Technology with the Pure Charge&Go in the treatable ear.

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Revolutionize your hearing experience with Signia’s Cros Pure Charge&Go for $1,200. Designed for those with single-ear hearing loss, it employs the innovative Augmented Xperience Tech. Enjoy Bluetooth & MFi streaming, OneMic 2.0, motion sensors, and extended battery life. Stream from TVs and control via the Signia App. Inductive Charger E included. Rediscover authentic sound with Own Voice Processing.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Fully-featured Bluetooth connectivity

Own Voice Processing

Yes – Own Voice Processing natural listening experience

Acoustic-motion Sensors

Integrated acoustic-motion sensors


Binaural OneMic Directional 2.0

Water Resistance


Additional Features

Lithium-ion battery – longer daily runtime
Onboard push button for onboard control

Phone App

Signia App


Inductive Charger E

TV Streaming

Yes. With our StreamLine TV accessory, you can stream from your TV.

Phone Compatability

MFi streaming: for late model iPhones (MFi is "made for iphone MFi hearing aids" standard.
Bluetooth streaming: for Android smartphones, older Apple devices, PCs, Laptops and other bluetooth mobile devices.

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