Custom-Made Swimmer Ear Plugs – Premium Water Protection & Comfort


Custom made swim plugs are designed to protect your ears from water during activities such as swimming, surfing and other sports. If you have a perforated eardrum, have grommets or are prone to outer ear infections when swimming, custom earplugs can give you superior protection. Made from silicon, they are comfortable to wear, easy to insert and stay securely in your ear.

To make custom earplugs, we need to take impressions of your ears. You will need to book an appointment at an Audi Hearing Clinic for impressions of your ears.

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Priced at $1,200.00, our Swimmer Ear Plugs offer unmatched protection during water activities like swimming and surfing. Tailored for those with perforated eardrums, grommets, or those susceptible to outer ear infections, these silicon plugs promise comfort, ease of use, and a secure fit. For the ultimate fit, book an appointment at our Audi Hearing Clinic for custom ear impressions. Dive into protection with comfort that lasts.


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