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We can conduct hearing tests, examine the middle ear, as well as fit hearing aids.

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Always call and make an appointment. We do not accept walk-ins at Audi Hearing Merrylands Audiology clinic.
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Audi Hearing Clinic Merrylands has been servicing the greater Parramatta community through its hearing clinic in Merrylands for some time. The skilled audiologist team can be found in the Medical Centre at 228 Merrylands Road, Merrylands NSW 2160.

If you believe you are experiencing hearing loss or just want to stay on top of your hearing health, then we are your one stop shop. Audi Hearing Clinic offers a variety of hearing services. With the facilities available to us at our Merrylands Hearing Clinic we can conduct hearing tests, examine the middle ear, as well as fit hearing aids.

Gone are the days of the Bulky Hearing Aid. Grab a device that will improve your quality of life.

Hearing Products and Hearing Services

Audi hearing clinic offers a wide variety of hearing aid styles and our audiologists can recommend the characteristics of a hearing aid that are clinically suitable for your hearing loss and needs. Given the developments in technology it’s likely that there will be several hearing aid styles that correspond to each patient’s needs that one can choose from.

What’s involved in getting you the hearing aids you need?

The Perfect Fit at our Audiology Clinic in Merrylands

Once the hearing aid is fitted, we heavily rely on patient feedback relating to their hearing experience post hearing aid fitting as well as the hearing Aid’s performance and comfort. This can only be done when a patient takes the hearing aid home and wears it consistently for some time. If you have no problems with your aid and feel that you are hearing clearly, you’re all set. Otherwise a third visit can be organised, and our audiologists are able to fine tune and adjust the hearing aid as necessary.

Keep in mind that pensioners may be able to receive this entire service for free or have the service partially subsidised thanks to The Office of Hearing Services Voucher Scheme, a program established by the Australian Federal Government. We note that a Seniors Health Card alone does not provide eligibility for the program. If you’re not eligible for this scheme but have private health cover now’s the time to check your policy as some higher cover policies will extend to cover hearing aids.

Not sure if you’re eligible? Check your eligibility here or give us a call and we can talk you through the process.

There’s really no excuse for becoming a long-term sufferer of poor hearing health; tackling the problem early can alleviate a lot of stress, frustration and pain. If the hearing clinic in Merrylands isn’t in your postcode visit our hearing specialists at one of our other greater Sydney locations (Punchbowl, Auburn, and Fairfield) and take advantage of our free hearing test and counselling and advice on Tinnitus as well as our Free Tinnitus management devices and maskers for eligible Centrelink and Veteran card holders.

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Tinnitus Management

Do you have ringing in your ears ? We offer free counselling, tinnitus management devices and maskers.*

pre employment medical hearing screening test

Pre-employment Hearing Test

Prompt hearing assessment reports for pre-employment medical screening for commercial drivers licence, aviation licence, police force and manufacturing / industrial jobs.

baby hearing test

Children's Hearing Tests

We specialise in children from 6 months old. Our tests include middle ear analysis, pre-speech therapy hearing assessments, speech reception assessments and 4 year old hearing health checks.

custom ear moulds

Noise Reduction Earplugs

Custom made ear plug moulds for your hearing aids and general use. Swimmers, Musicians, Hunters and struggling sleepers let us take an ear impression and build you a snug plug.


Hearing Aid Repair and Batteries

We are authorised for free hearing aid repairs and servicing. We stock and post all assistive device and hearing aid batteries.

construction, worker, laborer

Worker's Compensation

We are Workcover accredited and licensed iCare providers covering all Worker's Compensation hearing tests and required devices.

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