Signia Motion Charge&Go X Hearing Aid – Acoustic-Motion Sensors, Bluetooth & 61-Hour Battery


Built on the proven Signia Xperience platform with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors, Motion X hearing aids adapt to every move so wearers always hear what matters. Motion X comes with Li-ion charging for complete flexibility and with Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, music and more.
Key features:

  • Bluetooth Streaming
  • Recharge on-the-go
  • AI Digital Assistant
  • Automatic Situation Detection
  • Up to 61 hours of use on a single charge
  • Brilliant Sound
  • Enhanced Speech understanding from every direction
  • Enjoy phone calls, music, TV and more with state-of-the-art Bluetooth streaming.
  • Sleek design for the right fit
  • Signia app
  • Signia TeleCare
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Discover dynamic hearing with the Motion Charge&Go X, priced at $1,200. Harness the power of world-first acoustic-motion sensors, ensuring clear sound adaptation as you move. Enjoy up to 61 hours of brilliant sound on one charge, enhanced speech clarity, and Bluetooth streaming for calls, music, and TV. With the Signia app, Signia TeleCare, Tinnitus Therapy, and IP-68 water resistance, it’s not just hearing—it’s an experience. Its sleek design ensures the perfect fit, and added features like TwinPhone & T-Coil options make every day seamless.

Bluetooth Connectivity


Remote Control Option


Own Voice Processing


Dynamic Soundscape Processing


Acoustic-motion Sensors




Water Resistance

IP-68 Rated


Battery Compartment allows you to easily switch your instrument on and off

Additional Features

Tinnitus Therapy.
TwinPhone – telephone signal is transmitted clearly from one hearing aid to the other
T-Coil Kit option
miniReceiver 2.0

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