LiNX 3D BTE [No longer Offered]

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This product is no longer offered at Audi Hearing. Please contact us for the latest product offerings.

Hear more than you ever thought possible
ReSound LiNX 3D is our latest and most advanced digital hearing aid. With ReSound LiNX 3D you’ll be better at identifying speech in noise and be able to hear more sounds around you. You can use your hearing aids like wireless headphones. And you’ll get a brand new dimension of control over your hearing aids – wherever you are.

Surround Sound by ReSound means you’ll hear 360 degrees of sound. Now you no longer have to turn your head or position yourself to hear the person who’s speaking.

Our Spatial Sense technology gives you a clear and natural sense of the sounds around you. In more complex listening situations, Binaural Directionality III makes sure you can focus on what you want, without being cut off from your surroundings.

Our sound processing emulates the performance of the natural ear to make speech seem clearer and deliver a richer, more vibrant sound.

Exceptional sound

Talk and listen with ease, hearing everything with a brilliant sound quality.

Full streaming

Stream directly in stereo from smart devices, even to discreet custom hearing aids.

A personal approach

Get support, professional adjustments and software updates anytime, anywhere.

True reliability

Keep going all day with the longest-lasting rechargeable hearing aid.

Clearer speech

Pick up speech with greater clarity and hear sounds from all directions. From the bustling street to the quiet theatre, you’ll be able to focus on the conversation yet still hear sounds around you.

More Layers of Sound

Catch all the finer details. Low and high-pitched sounds are fuller and more natural. Quiet environments are truly quiet and louder sounds are comfortable, crisp and distortion-free.


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