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Audi Hearing is dedicated to enhancing the auditory experience with our wide range of hearing aid accessories. From improving battery life to ensuring optimal comfort and style, our accessories are designed to complement your lifestyle and increase the functionality of your hearing aids.

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Key Takeaways

  • Reliability: Enhanced battery options ensure your hearing aids are always operational.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning extends the usability and lifespan of your hearing aids.
  • Protection: Use dehumidifiers to safeguard against moisture damage.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth accessories improve accessibility to various audio sources.
  • Safety: Protective cases keep your hearing aids secure and damage-free.

Exploring the Benefits of Advanced Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids are incredible devices on their own, but with the right accessories, their efficiency and usability can be significantly enhanced. Here are some of the top accessories that can make a difference in how you use and enjoy your hearing aids:

Hearing Aid Batteries

Long-lasting and reliable, the batteries we offer ensure your hearing aids are always ready when you need them. They come in various sizes to fit all types of hearing aids.

Cleaning Kits

Proper care and maintenance of hearing aids extend their lifespan and functionality. Comprehensive cleaning kits include tools specifically designed to keep your hearing aids in pristine condition.


To protect your hearing aids from moisture damage, a dehumidifier is essential. It helps in preventing moisture-related malfunctions, thereby prolonging the life of the device.

Bluetooth Streaming Hearing Aids Devices

For those who enjoy technology, Bluetooth hearing aids devices have numerous benefits. Bluetooth streaming devices allow for direct connection between your hearing aids and various audio sources like smartphones and TVs, offering high-quality sound directly into your ears.

Protective Cases and Covers

Keep your hearing aids safe when not in use with stylish and durable cases and covers that protect against physical damage and environmental elements.

Streamlining Your Hearing Experience with Wireless Connectivity

In the digital age, the ability to connect seamlessly to devices is no longer a luxury but a necessity. For hearing aid users, this means taking advantage of wireless connectivity to enhance not just the sound quality but also the ease of daily interactions. Audi Hearing provides state-of-the-art Bluetooth streaming devices that integrate smoothly with your hearing aids, allowing you to connect effortlessly with smartphones, televisions, and other digital devices. This integration enriches the auditory experience by delivering clear, amplified sound directly through your hearing aids, effectively transforming them into highly personalised, wireless earphones.

Tailored Sound Adjustments

Adjusting to different listening environments is crucial for hearing aid users. Accessories like remote controls and smartphone apps enable users to fine-tune their hearing aids’ settings according to specific environments, whether in a bustling café or a quiet room at home. These tools offer the convenience of adjusting volume, base, and treble, or switching between preset environment modes without the need to touch the hearing aids themselves. This not only adds a layer of discretion but also enhances user comfort and auditory clarity in diverse settings.

Education and Support: Empowering Users

Understanding how to utilise and care for hearing aids and their accessories is vital for maximising their benefits. Audi Hearing commits to educating our clients through detailed guides and support services. These resources help users understand their devices better, troubleshoot common issues, and make informed decisions about their hearing health.

Ergonomic Design: Comfort Meets Functionality

Comfort is key in hearing aid design, especially for devices worn throughout the day. Our range of accessories includes ergonomic options that reduce ear fatigue and ensure that hearing aids fit snugly and comfortably. For instance, ear tips and tubes come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different ear anatomies, enhancing the overall comfort and effectiveness of hearing aids. Moreover, innovative designs in hearing aid clips and holders prevent the devices from falling out, providing security and peace of mind during physical activities.

Protective Measures: Guarding Your Hearing Aids

Beyond daily functionality, protecting your hearing aids from external elements is essential. Audi Hearing offers specialised covers and skins that shield hearing aids from dust, moisture, and everyday wear and tear. These protective measures not only prolong the life of the hearing aids but also maintain their aesthetic appeal. The accessories are crafted from durable materials that withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring that your device remains safe whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach or hiking through a rainforest.

Aesthetic Options: Styling Your Hearing Aids

Gone are the days when hearing aids were merely functional with little consideration for aesthetics. Today, Audi Hearing offers a variety of stylish options that make hearing aids a part of your style. From skins that come in different colours and patterns to designer clips that add a touch of elegance, these accessories allow individuals to express their style while benefiting from enhanced hearing.

Integrating New Technologies

As technology advances, so do the options for different types of hearing aids. Audi Hearing is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technologies such as AI-driven noise reduction tools, which analyse background noise and enhance speech recognition, making conversations clearer and more enjoyable, even in noisy environments. Another exciting development is the integration of health-monitoring features in some hearing aid models, which track heart rate and physical activity, offering a holistic approach to health monitoring.

By combining advanced technology with user-friendly designs, Audi Hearing ensures that every accessory we offer not only improves the functionality of your hearing aids but also enhances and transform your quality of life. Our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction is reflected in our continuous effort to bring the latest advancements in hearing aids technology to our users. For more information on how to enhance your hearing experience, explore our hearing aids page.


At Audi Hearing, we understand that hearing aids play a crucial role in managing hearing loss and significant investment in your auditory health. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of accessories designed to enhance and protect your investment. Enhance your hearing experience by contacting Audi Hearing today to discover the best accessories for your needs.


Hearing aids typically use zinc-air button batteries, available in various sizes.

It's recommended to clean your hearing aids daily to maintain optimal function and longevity.

Yes, some accessories, like sound generators, can be integrated with hearing aids to help manage tinnitus.

No, many modern hearing aids feature easy, one-touch connectivity with Bluetooth devices.

Choose a dehumidifier that is compatible with your hearing aids, easy to use, and highly effective according to user reviews.

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