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Embracing an active lifestyle is a commitment to your well-being, and at Audi Hearing, we believe that hearing should never be a barrier to the adventures that lie ahead. Our range of hearing aids is designed to seamlessly integrate into the lives of those who refuse to stand still, ensuring clarity and comfort on the go.

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Key Takeaways

  • Designed for Durability: Audi Hearing aids are built to withstand the challenges of an active lifestyle, offering features like sweat and moisture resistance to keep you moving without limits.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Stay connected to your world with Bluetooth-enabled devices that allow for easy streaming of music, calls, and more, directly to your hearing aids.
  • Personalised for Performance: With personalised consultations and fittings, Audi Hearing ensures your hearing aids are perfectly tailored to both your auditory needs and active lifestyle.
  • Innovative Features: From automatic environment adjustment to tinnitus relief, our hearing aids come equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance every aspect of your active life.
  • Comprehensive Support: Audi Hearing provides ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring your hearing aids perform optimally and keep you engaged in the activities you love.

Living actively means different things to different people. It could be a morning jog along the beach, a weekly tennis match with friends, or exploring the great outdoors. Whatever your passion, Audi Hearing has the perfect auditory companion to keep you immersed in the sounds of life without interruption.

Why Choose Audi Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles?

  • Durability: Our devices are built to withstand the rigours of an active lifestyle, from sweat to dust and everything in between.
  • Clarity: Experience sound as it was meant to be heard, with technology that adapts to your environment.
  • Comfort: With ergonomic designs, you’ll barely notice they’re there, from the first step of your run to the last.

Innovations That Keep You Moving

  • Water-Resistant Technology: Jump into your activities without hesitation. Our aids can handle moisture, making them perfect for athletes and adventurers.
  • Rechargeable Solutions: Forget about changing batteries mid-adventure. Our rechargeable hearing aids ensure you’re always powered up and ready to go.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Stay connected to your devices, whether you’re streaming music on a run or taking calls on the trail.

Tailored for Every Sound Adventure

Choosing the right hearing aid is crucial for those with an active lifestyle, not only to amplify sound but also to enhance life without limitations, including preventing hearing loss. Audi Hearing recognises the importance of this balance, offering a diverse selection of hearing aids tailored to various activities and environments, ensuring users can protect and improve their hearing health while staying active.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

For the adventurers who love to explore the great outdoors, whether it’s hiking, biking, or simply enjoying nature, our hearing aids offer features like wind noise reduction and directional microphones. These features help you enjoy the sounds of nature while minimising the distractions of background noise.

Athletes and Fitness Buffs

If your passion lies in pushing your physical limits, our sports-friendly hearing aids are designed to stay in place, no matter the intensity of your workout. Sweat and moisture resistance ensures your device remains protected, allowing you to focus on achieving your fitness goals.

Travellers and Explorers

For those who love to travel, our hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity are a game-changer. Easily connect to your smartphone or other devices to access GPS directions, listen to audio tours, or simply enjoy your favourite tunes, all while experiencing the rich sounds of your destination.

Pioneering Features for a Boundless Lifestyle

The selection of hearing aids at Audi Hearing is imbued with pioneering features, crafted to ensure that your life’s soundtrack is uninterrupted, no matter the setting of your escapades. These advanced devices offer numerous benefits, including enhanced clarity in conversations, improved ability to engage in various social settings, and a reduction in the strain of listening effort. By amplifying the sounds you want to hear and minimising background noise, our hearing aids facilitate a fuller, more connected experience with the world around you, ensuring that you never miss a beat of your life’s most memorable moments.

  • Adaptive Environmental Tuning: Our devices are equipped with the intelligence to seamlessly adapt to your environment. This means whether you find yourself in the serene ambiance of a quiet cafe or amidst the lively hum of a bustling street, your hearing will be optimally adjusted.
  • Understated Elegance: The design philosophy behind our hearing aids marries power with discretion. Their sleek, compact form ensures they remain unnoticed, empowering you to navigate social landscapes with confidence. This approach to design is detailed further in Hearing Tracker, which discusses the importance of aesthetics in hearing aid design.
  • Soothing Tinnitus Solutions: Tinnitus can be a constant and unwelcome companion for many. Our hearing aids offer solace through sound therapy features, designed to mask the persistent ringing, thereby providing relief and enhancing your auditory experience.

Empowering Your Active Life with Audi Hearing

At Audi Hearing, we’re more than just a provider of hearing aids; we’re your partner in navigating a life without limits. Our team of audiologists and hearing specialists is dedicated to understanding your lifestyle and recommending the best solutions to meet your needs. For individuals interested in the field and seeking information on how to become an audiologist, it’s a journey of rigorous education and training, aimed at equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills to enhance hearing health and improve the quality of life for those with hearing challenges.

Personalised Consultation and Fitting

Every ear is unique, and so is every lifestyle. That’s why we offer personalised consultations to understand your specific needs and preferences. Our experts will guide you through the selection process, ensuring your hearing aid is perfectly fitted and tailored to your lifestyle.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We understand that maintaining an active lifestyle means your hearing aids need to perform at their best at all times. Our comprehensive aftercare service ensures your device remains in top condition, with regular check-ups, cleaning, and any necessary adjustments.

Stay Connected with Advanced Hearing Technology

In the modern era, maintaining connections is essential. Hearing aids are designed to integrate effortlessly with your digital way of life. The latest advancements in hearing aid technology ensure that from streaming phone calls and music directly into the hearing aid to fine-tuning settings via a smartphone application, advanced technology guarantees you remain linked to the things that are most important to you.

Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips for Active Individuals

To ensure your hearing aids keep up with your active lifestyle, here are some maintenance tips to keep them functioning optimally:

  • Daily Cleaning: Wipe your hearing aids daily with a dry, soft cloth to remove moisture and earwax. Video gamers, immersed in hours of intense gameplay, may unknowingly be risking hearing loss or tinnitus. The prolonged exposure to high-volume sound effects and music, especially through headphones, can lead to auditory health issues that might affect their quality of life. This is especially important for gamers who may use headphones over their hearing aids, increasing the risk of earwax buildup.
  • Use a Dehumidifier: Store your hearing aids in a dehumidifier overnight to remove any moisture that has accumulated during the day or during intense gaming sessions. Moisture can be a common issue for active individuals and gamers alike, potentially damaging the internal components of hearing aids.
  • Regular Check-Ups: Schedule regular check-ups with Audi Hearing to ensure your hearing aids are in perfect working condition. This can help identify any issues arising from frequent use during physical activities or gaming, where devices are exposed to additional stress.
  • Protect From Extreme Conditions: While our hearing aids are designed to be durable, it’s crucial to protect them from extreme conditions, such as direct sunlight or high humidity environments, which can be encountered both outdoors and during indoor gaming marathons.

Join the Audi Hearing Community

Becoming part of the Audi Hearing community means more than just getting a hearing aid; it’s about embracing a lifestyle where your hearing needs are fully supported, allowing you to live life to the fullest. Our community events, workshops, and support groups provide a space for you to connect with others, share experiences, and learn more about managing your hearing health.


At Audi Hearing, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your hearing aids complement your dynamic lifestyle, not complicate it. With our cutting-edge technology and personalised service, we’re here to keep you connected to the sounds that matter most. Ready to explore the world with unparalleled clarity? Get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Absolutely, Our hearing aids are designed to stay secure and comfortable, no matter the activity.

A: Our water-resistant models offer great protection, but we also recommend using a hearing aid sweatband during high-intensity activities.

A: Yes, our Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can seamlessly connect to your devices, making it easy to stay connected.

A: Depending on the model, our hearing aids can last anywhere from 24 to 30 hours on a single charge.

A: Definitely. Our hearing aids come equipped with features that reduce background noise, making it easier to focus on what you want to hear.

A: Audi Hearing offers comprehensive servicing for your hearing aids.

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